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SalesLeads Inc


  • Engaged in 2015 with a simple Umbraco v6 build of Salesleads website. They needed a partner to enhance their existing website to match their customised sales leads data and convert it into a Portal for salesleads generation.
  • Website has been continuously upgraded to latest version of Umbraco.
  • Adopted agile approach and have been continuously adding new features to increase the value proposition for their existing and new customers.
  • Sales Leads needed a refresh of their existing website that worked on mobile devices as well as a customer portal for clients to access their lead data.
  • Various 3rd party REST API Integration with leading contact provider, news aggregator provider to build a strong value proposition for the website.
  • Salesleads Portal is used by dedicated team to add sales leads information on a daily basis
  • Clients can view targeted sales leads information based on industries and regions on website, alert emails, newsletter, online pdf and print.
  • Salesleads have ecommerce capabilities, multiple roles of users and customers, Advanced Projects and Company Search, Credit Purchases
  • Above features have converted the simple website to a sales leads ecosystem and it gathers lot of conversion now and a strong balance sheet for the company.

Platform Used

Umbraco Logo


  • Agile Approach
  • Latest Framework
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Extreme operating capabilities
  • Multiple Custom built elements
  • REST Web API Integrations
  • Complete SEO Checklist
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Dedicated Resources

Over 3 years ago, we engaged with DigitallyMedia to help redevelop our saas platform. Since then, our relationship has grown into a true partnership, executing countless development projects; including several conversion optimization projects, building 3rd party API integrations, designing new webpages, and even managing a server migration project. Every week, we come to Shaishav with new product improvements/ideas, and because of his ability to understand our business' overall strategy and core value proposition, Shaishav is able to articulate how we can execute on new ideas as efficiently as possible; and then manage the projects from conception to deployment. Shaishav has become an invaluable resource for us, and we are looking forward to our continued success with him.

Evan Lamolinara

President. SalesLeads,Inc, US

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