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Forsite - Mail Boxes and Signs


  • A new website was required to replace the existing one in its entirety, involving a whole new frontend, Umbraco CMS and multiple custom-built elements to fulfil its business requirements.
  • The new website was developed to take a full advantage of strongly typed model development taking cues from Hybrid Framework, and using plugins like SeoMetadata, DocTypeGridEditor and UrlPicker to name a few. All this comes together to produce a website that uses caching and compression to deliver a fast and modern web experience.
  • Built the interface of the website to showcase complete range of products to retain the inherent characteristics of the client business and brand.
  • UCommerce Plugin have been integrated to provide ecommerce capabilities to the site
  • Integrated Checkout, Shipping, Payment, Promotion process into the website and adjust the admin panel to facilitate ease of management.
  • Dynamic PDF Generation has been integrated for brochures and invoicing

Platforms Used

Umbraco Logo


  • Engaging User Interface
  • Content Strategy
  • HTML Standardisation Tools
  • Integration Tools
  • Crawling Tools
  • Custom Shipping Rules
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Dedicated Resources

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