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Umbraco Integration

Umbraco Integration

Umbraco CMS is built on .NET Core and v11 is more inline to the best practices of .NET Core 7. This makes the CMS to seamlessly integrate will your existing tech stack.

Basically, if your systems supports Modern Integration (REST, GraphQL) or Legacy Integration (FTP, SOAP, Web Services) then we can assist you to flow the data between the 2 systems.

Here are some of the Third-Party Systems that we have connected with Umbraco CMS.


This is an excellent combination that integrates Shopify best in class ecommerce system with Umbraco CMS. This integration perfectly fits those customers who want to showcase a solid brand presence with CMS and simultaneously offering Products for ecommerce. We have earlier built on Umbraco native ecommerce plugins but Shopify offers flexibility, scalability and multiple online sales channel that will boost your online sales.

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CRM Systems

Post COVID, we have seen unprecedented rise in client requirements to built end to end system. We are storing client complete journey to their preferred CRM. It can start with a simple form enquiry, product purchase, gift vouchers, discounts, subscriptions, etc.

All these popular CRM have API services that integrates well with Umbaco and we have worked with all of them.

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Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Campaigns provides increasing brand awareness and benefit your sales. However, most importantly they need to have carefully planned email strategy. We have built Umbraco websites and integrated with email marketing systems to provide better personalisation for prospects, engaging relevant information to the email clients, scheduling and filtering campaigns as per client exact needs. Nurture the leads to make them more receptive.

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Digital Marketing

Umbraco CMS provides you a clean slate to start your website. It allows each website to have its own Unique brand and tell the tailor-made story as fit your organisation strategy. Umbraco CMS provides excellent approach to share your brand and story with the world by combining various digital marketing approaches.

Some of the building blocks are:-

  • Customised Meta tags information to optimize your on-page SEO
  • Structured Data for search engines
  • Product Details to various online merchant centers (like Facebook Shops, Google Merchant Center, Instagram or Pinterest)
  • Show Integrated Feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
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Payment Integration

Most websites require payments workflow to accept payment from users. It could be payment from subscription, tickets purchase for an event, product purchase or simply payment by customers of the website. Various Third-party payment gateways have been used to meet payment requirements.

We have optimised the transactions logic so that no 2 payment is deducted or drop in payment happen even when high volume of transactions is happening on the website. At the same time, we ensure an Order log is maintained to track the transactions for any troubleshooting.

Stripe is most popular among them but we have also used ClearPay, WorldPay, Opayo, formely SagePay. PayPal.

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Custom Integration

Umbraco is intended to be as simple as possible which gives you freedom to build websites that can include custom 3rd party integrations. Few of the integrations that we have built for our clients. This gives them real-time data from the 3rd Party App and ensure SEO is maintained on your website.

  • Website showing Vacancy, Job Brief and Apply now from Third Party App
  • Website showing list of Properties for Rent or Buy, Search Properties, Property Details with Agent.
  • Website showing Events from Eventbrite

If you are looking for custom integrations then we can be great asset for you.

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