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Umbraco Support

Umbraco Support

The launch of your website is only the beginning of our partnership with you. We make sure your Umbraco website is always up to date, stable, available and secure with our Site Support Plans. We provide support for our own sites as well as for sites developed by third parties.

A new major release becomes available every 2 years and old major releases are supported for max 3 years from the release date. Therefore, build and ignore strategy doesn’t work because your site beocmes outdated, slows down and affects your SEO score. Editor experience also get affected. New Functionality will be missed that  could improve site performance, security, functionality, design & SEO.

Some of our big clients like Radiator Digital, WTiN, SalesLeads Inc. are about a decade old now, and here our technical team of engineers have delivered websites that stand the test of time. Some of the solutions have moved from Umbraco v4.7+, 6+, 7+ to v11+ and are still relevant.

We want to be part of your business rather than just provide site maintenance and hence we have come up with a complete package that support to grow your digital presence. We have built a retainer package that will ensure FREE upgrades to umbraco websites and much more to keep your website as a growing investment.

Our support maintenance plan starts at $50 per month where we provide free Umbraco upgrade for all versions of Umbraco along with the following services


Our Support services are carefully designed to proactively meet critical requirements of Umbraco websites. We will carry out regular routine monthly maintenance as part of your SLA agreement.

Uptime Monitoring

We offer a website monitoring service which will alert us if a website becomes unresponsive and will allow us to investigate and bring the service back online as soon as possible.

Email Delivery

Due to high SPAM attacks all email provider have tightened the security. So, we need to regularly check the email delivery using Mailgun. We will be able to promptly mitigate any issues.

Security Patches

Umbraco Team routinely identifies security issues and vulnerability with the Umbraco CMS and releases patch for all affected versions. We are updated about these issues and will fix these issues on your website.

Umbraco Audit Logs

Umbraco CMS tracks all the activity on the website and generates a real-time log for the development team to track any issues. This log needs to be reviewed as it provides error details, activity information, etc.

Server Health

Server Health needs to be routinely checked for database integration, server space, site speed, OWASP, etc. Our team will review and restart these services regularly to ensure better performance for the website.


Implementing and maintaining search engine optimization best practices is crucial for attracting organic traffic. This involves updating meta tags, optimizing content for relevant keywords, improving site structure, and staying informed about changes in search engine algorithms. We will assist your Digital Marketing team with any Technical SEO for the website.

Google Search Console Review

We will request to share access of Google Search Console Tool of your website to:

  • review Site Performance
  • review Broken links and Error checks
  • Implement 301 redirects

Page Speed Insights

This is another important tool for SEO that checks Page speed and advice you on which areas to optimise:

  • Guide you for Image Optimisation
  • Minify java script and style sheet
  • Review server load time and caching

Third-party code snippets

We will add any third-party code snippets to your website. It could be GTM code, Google Analytics code, facebook pixel code, etc.

We don't just stop when your website has been built

We offer a range of support, marketing and training services

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We may need to make changes to the site source code due to server maintenance issues or SEO maintenance issues or any other minor CMS changes. Our team will also be assisting you will all these changes as part of the SLA.

Adhoc Minor Tasks

  • Assist you in rolling back your site to a prior version if
    something has gone wrong.
  • Fixing of pages / files reported as 404 errors
  • Page / file redirects not captured as part of the site launch process
  • Restoration of site after malicious activity

Minor Development

  • Bug fixes for known / discovered bugs
  • Mail Server Configuration
  • Minor Form changes
  • Adding captcha to the Form to minimise spam attacks
  • Adding a module to the website template

API Integration

Proactive Management

Umbraco Support for mission-critical websites that require guaranteed response times.

Flexible Hours

Rapid Response Support for emergencies

Ticket system and time logging

Expert Consultancy

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Our maintenance plan starts at $50 per month for small websites and $100 for medium websites, providing eight hours of support; including  free upgrades for all versions of Umbraco.

An additional flexible fee may be discussed for any work beyond the scope of these agreed eight hours of support.

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